Saturday, August 18, 2012

WIP MG God Gundam (updated 8/18/12)

my 2nd haul Mg God Gundam.. i bought it 2nd hand with no damages + the nubs are already cleaned.

i'll change the color scheme though.. i'll be updating this post.

update 7/17/12

in this kit, i'll go on the method of handpainting using vallejo acrylic. it's a worth it paint even though it's expensive for a 17mL bottle. a drop can paint about 3x3 inches surface of a kit. it really depends on how you apply it. in my method, i thin it using water 1:3 at least. then apply 3 coats at least until i reach my desired color.

here's a painted part of the kit using vallejo.

update 7/18/12

here's another shot of the handpainted piece, 

since it is really tight, i removed the "tooth" on the other joints of the kit (where you should insert it to the other joints' keyhole and turn it 180 degrees to lock it).

another set of pieces that are 1st coated with vallejo

UPDATED 7/20/12

other pcs that are painted using vallejo acrylic paint

UPDATE 8/18/2012
since i left the kit at my girlfriend's house for the past for a month. i haven't done any progress cause of the continuous rain  for a week. xD

here are some progress.. and i really wanna finish it already. -___-

painted the frame

assembled some parts

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