Sunday, April 22, 2012

Vignetta in the Red House

This is my winning entry on designing a book cover for Lawrence Kapture on 99designs
here's the proof:

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for those who are interested to buy the ebook. it is available on ebay

The story is in a steampunk fused with alchemy setting.

for those who are interested on buying the ebook. it is available on ebay

About the Silhouette -readers will have their own kind of vignetta and homonculus. They have their own depiction of the main character. I only made it a silhouette to avoid a conflict with your depiction of vignetta in the book. So at first, readers will get interested at the book.

 Seeing the silhouette on the cover will make the readers curious and depict their Vignetta. “What does Vignetta look like?” “What’s that monkey?” “Why does it have wings?” Vignetta's silhouette looks like a girl with a medium length skirt and boots (Steampunk style). Reviewing your summary about the story, it's all about to stop her grandma destroy her only home. 

You said it is steampunk, she’s probably not wearing big dresses because she's probably doing some rough activities or plans to stop her grandma. Running with big dress is difficult. This is my depiction of your Vignetta. The skeleton key represents the house, seeing that kind of key means the house is old and it’s not an ordinary modern house. That is the majority of readers’ idea of the house. Having the Homunculus’ silhouette on the cover strongly symbolizes alchemy fantasy. It’s my first time seeing a story with two styles fused together. Alchemy and steampunk, I’m interested on reading your novel.

Having those elements will not spoil your story. Readers are going to read the book until they found out what does the House, the girl and the homunculus will look like.

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