Saturday, August 25, 2012

Birthday Haul Part 1 : MG 00 RAISER

this is a gift given by my girlfriend (well actually she paid half of it and i paid the other half of the price). MG 00Raiser... :D 

since my birthday is on the end of the month, i told her that she should take it home and i'll just assemble that kit on my birthday. But instead, i brought it home. 

can't resist to build it yesterday. jeez -___- xD

at first i only decided to paint some of the trees.

 handpainted those grey parts with silver acrylic. well i didn't paint the entire parts, i only fast brushed some silver so that it will look a bit weathered metal frame due to battle. xD

then i got curious if it looks good, so i decided to build the inner frame yesterday then build it completely on my birthday.

instead building the frame, i also assembled the whole body cause i can't really resist it :)). just the body then 0 raiser will be built on my birthday.

got tempted to finish the weapons...

and there it is, 0 raiser is completely built too. Can't resist the building addiction. xD well nevermind, i have another kit for my birthday.

anyway, i'll be painting this kit and build a diorama after i've finished the other pending wip.

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