Saturday, September 29, 2012

Angeal Hewley inspired Gundam WIP 1

I joined a group build with some co-members of GPH group on facebook. The project is to model a gundam inspired from Final Fantasy VII. the deadline of this project is on December. 


i only focus on dioromas and some custom paint though. i hope i can pull this off really good.

so I picked Angeal Hewley as the character to remodel a gundam. as you can see, he's the original wielder of Buster Sword.

another image of him with his wing exposed and yes i'll make that gundam look like angeal with the wings + buster sword.

I'll be using my scrap MG infinite justice as the base. i only need the inner frame though.

the head antenna is unnecessary so i cut it.

i also cut the toe so that it can kneel good.

i used the wings of my scrap MG WCZ as the base wing of angeal

added some WIPS(alternative for plaplates) 

drafted the buster sword. that's the actual size that i'm going to build.

Plan A for scratchbuilding bustersword failed. this is the middle layer of the buster sword (the plan is to make a sandwich)  handle is too weak and it snapped off easily.

revising on how will I build and attach the handle so this is Plan B.

another revision and i think this is better

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